Joan Rivers: Can we talk?


Joan Alexandra Molinsky’s death on Thursday, 4th of September 2014 has left us at Profile with a lot of thoughts on the life of this very memorable icon.

She relentlessly did everything that needed to be done to remain relevant and attract a global audience. Following the events of her life, we’ll outline lessons learnt and how a woman broke industry barriers and stereotypes.

On Communication: She embraced her gift of wit and intelligence while making a career out of it. She made her humor very personal and accessible, making it easier for an audience to relate to.  More interesting was the profoundness in her insensitive remarks!

Whether it’s by living her life as a connector, sharing ideas and her struggles with her audience or just teasing away sometimes, she was captivating and engaging.

Joan was consistent with her craft. Following a fall-out with her boss, Carson, who had primarily given Joan her early career, she faced setbacks and could not get further bookings in Hollywood. Yet, she relentlessly pushed. It took a while, but it was all worth it. Now, we can barely remember her less glorious days. She grew with the times and provided relevant content; she clearly didn’t sound or think like an 81 year old!

The greatest legacy that Joan Rivers left the world, however, is her famous expression: “Can we talk?”

Joan was open and unpretentious. She was comfortable with speaking her mind, leaving little room for speculation and ambiguity. Sarah Gutfreund in her article on Aish questions our openness to share:

Speech helps us to get out of our self-absorption and self-contained world. We do not need to face our struggles alone. Can we talk? Can we share our struggles and our triumphs with each other? Can we be proud of who we are and where we come from? Can we stand up for what we believe in? Can we talk? Can we admit that we are afraid and show up anyway? Can we talk? Can we learn to smile even when life is tough? Can we remember how to laugh with each other even when we see things differently? To get ahead in life, we must be able to talk about it.

Finally, the Joan Rivers I’ll always remember- Joan on appearance. Following a career in fashion consulting, she knew the importance of dressing appropriately (though fashion-forward- part of the craft) and understood that appearances convey messages; messages that influence perception… hence, the fashion police show where she tore outlaws apart and convicted them of their fashion crime J. In her death wish list, she even noted that she wants to look better dead than she did alive!

We’ll definitely miss Joan Rivers here at Profile! Rest in Peace, Joan.

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