What do others say about you when you are not in the room?  Building a personal brand that is in line with your goals is one of the best investments you can make in your future and career.  To actively take control of your own marketing, one needs to utilize the power in personal branding.


Individuals in the corporate sector, from entry-level to C-suite business executives


CEO 2“Remember, we are all CEO’s of our own companies ‘Me Inc’” -Tom Peters

Since our initial split second contact with people is eye-to-body, it is obvious that our appearance is assessed first. It is essential to appear at the same high standards all the time. If people react positively to your appearance at each encounter with you, then a perceived notion will be formed, one that included a high level of trust in your performance in other areas such as your work skills, intelligence, capabilities and competence. However, in situations where mixed messages are communicated through your image, you run the risk of negative opinions quite unrelated to your skills and capabilities you actually possess.

But then a personal brand is more than how you look on the outside:

• Executive presence and authority building exercises
• Core wardrobe building for business and grooming includes full body and colour analysis
• Public speaking and presentation excercises
• Business practices and etiquettes
• Goal Fulfillment and self management coaching
• Personal shopping (accompanied/unaccompanied)
• Fitness and Wellness coaching (including SureGifts gift card to gym and wellness facilities)



The Power People




Are you running for office or planning a political campaign? Building a brand that reflects credibility and authority is of paramount importance to you as a leader. Together, we can build a brand that makes you more charismatic, distinctive and memorable.

• Visual impact, brand values and consistency session
• Verbal and non verbal communication practices
• Public image and relations enhancement
• Wardrobe building for authority and power
• Core wardrobe building to project authority and grooming includes full body and colour analysis)
• Fitness and Wellness coaching (including Suregifts giftcard to gym and wellness facilities)





Young Stars

The High Flyers




Are you transitioning through one of the early stages in life, from secondary school to university, or university to the workforce? Interviewing to get into your dream school or job?  Finding it difficult to settle into the corporate sector? Become the desired candidate by leaving a memorable first impression. Then contact us. We will love to hear from you as we have just the right skills to help.

• Attitude and self esteem
• Vision, career goals and action plan
• Walking and Poise
• Speaking, body language and presentation skills
• Styling, accessorizing and fashion
• Personal shopping (accompanied/unaccompanied)
• Makeup, nails and hair care
• Grooming and Hygiene





The Entrepreneur

You’re your product





Communicating your values to others is easier than you think. The flexibility that comes with being an entrepreneur leads to a popular bias of a lack of professionalism. Yet, your image needs to say that you are effectively professional and communicate credibility, efficiency, trustworthiness and likeability. Do not conceal who you really are with a poor outward appearance; go for an image that projects quality, responsibility and success to achieve a significant advantage in the marketplace.

• Wardrobe capsule building as appropriate
• Grooming for professional appearance
• Body language and non verbal business practices
• Elevator speech and product pitching coaching
• Develop marketing material and verbal promotion